Other Websites

# Organization / Agency Website
1 Nagaland State Government Employee Lookup http://www.nglemployeedirectory.in/
2 Agricultural Technology Management Agency(ATMA) http://atmakohima.nagaland.gov.in
3 Chumukedima Town Council http://ctc.nagaland.gov.in
4 Dimapur Municipal Council http://dmc.nagaland.gov.in
5 Direct Benefit Transfer http://dbt.nagaland.gov.in
6 ebiz Nagaland http://ebiz.nagaland.gov.in
7 edistrict Nagaland http://edistrict.nagaland.gov.in
8 Focus-ifad http://focus.nagaland.gov.in
9 Ignou-Kohima http://rckohimaignou.nagaland.gov.in
10 Kohima College http://kohimacollege.nagaland.gov.in
11 Kohima Smart City Development Limited https://www.kohimasmartcity.com/
12 Kohima Municipal Council http://kmc.nagaland.gov.in
13 Nagaland Medical Council https://nmc.nagaland.gov.in
14 Nagaland State Legal Service Authority https://nslsa.nagaland.gov.in
15 Nagaland Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board https://nbocw.nagaland.gov.in
16 Nagaland Inner Line Permit https://ilp.nagaland.gov.in
17 Nagaland State AIDS Control Society(NSACS) http://nsacs.nagaland.gov.in
18 RTI website of the D.C.’s Office, Peren http://dcperen.nagaland.gov.in
19 RTI website of the D.C.’s Office, Dimapur http://rtidcdmp.nagaland.gov.in

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